FairsArt Business 13-02-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, from regional hunts to failing wings, stories about the changing nature of expansion within the

ArtistsPeople 06-02-2017

From cave to gallery | Mel O’Callaghan’s entrancing new exhibition

Mel O’Callaghan is no stranger to hostile environments. In 2012, she travelled to a remote, wind-battered ruin located on a promontory in Corsica to film "Endgame", a work in which performers carry out absurd, cyclical actions in the harsh setting. Two years earlier she filmed "Move", a

ArtistsInstitutions 06-02-2017

At Turner Contemporary 40 women artists turn embroidery into a political statement

Embroidery is conventionally regarded in Western culture as a low art form, a soft, spongy medium consigned to the domestic sphere. Reacting against this reality, many feminist artists across the 20th century have remodelled craft-based artwork into sites for subversive and political

InstitutionsGalleries 06-02-2017

Five exhibitions at New York’s top not-for-profit art spaces in February

New York isn’t just the high-end galleries of the Bowery and Chelsea: the city also boasts a wealth of non-profit spaces for visual arts, whose programming often rivals those of the Big Apple’s powerhouse dealers. This week, we caught five of the most exciting shows to see at New York’s

PeopleGalleries 06-02-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, a trio of stories that illustrate the appeal and absurdity of art-industry

ArtistsGalleries 03-02-2017

One artist one studio | Jennifer Caubet

Settling back into her studio in the Parisian suburbs after a long period of travelling, observing and taking topographical samples in the Californian desert, artist Jennifer Caubet is currently preparing for her first solo show at the gallery Jousse Entreprise in September 2017. Born in 1982,

GalleriesArtists 30-01-2017

Miguel Calderón and the sequestered world of falconry

Working across film and photography, artist Miguel Calderon offers us a very personal snapshot of Mexican society.

ArtistsFairs 27-01-2017

One artist one studio | Rana Begum

It seems like 2017 could be Rana Begum’s year. This March, she will be awarded the prestigious Abraaj Group Art Prize at Art Dubai.

ArtistsGalleries 25-01-2017

The woven dreamscapes of Joana Vasconcelos

The universe of Joana Vasconcelos is entrancing. It is as though you have been plunged into a world of dreamlike apparitions which make you question your understanding of history and society. Her landmark retrospective at the Patinoire Royale in Brussels — the first ever held in Belgium — was

Galleries 24-01-2017

How six Amsterdam galleries are countering international populism with collaborative initiatives

As the Netherlands prepares for the general elections on March 15, and the far-right Party for Freedom led by Geert Wilders is adding fuel to the fire of populism we’ve been experiencing internationally, six Amsterdam galleries (Annet Gelink Gallery, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Galerie Fons

FairsGalleries 23-01-2017

Brafa makes a foray into contemporary art

In this year’s edition of Brafa, the Brussels fair opened itself up to contemporary art with an hommage to Julio Le Parc, the founding member of G.R.A.V (Groupe de Recherche d’Art

GalleriesPeople 23-01-2017

Top four exhibitions to see in Berlin

Although Berlin Art Week is long behind us, and the city’s Gallery Weekend will not get underway until late April (clashing controversially with Art Cologne this year), there is plenty of contemporary art to be excited about in the German capital right now.

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