Auction HousesMediums 23-03-2015

Potters rejoice ceramics market on the rise

Few markets have grown at such speed; yet the ceramic and glass market has seen a total overhaul thanks to the contemporary artists who are dusting down the delicate mediums. Collectors too are apparently now more receptive to this long-forgotten discipline. Whilst Old Masters are out of reach for

Auction Houses 22-03-2015

The Big Apple looks East

Every year since 2009, the Asia Week New York Association has assembled an impressive force of galleries, museums, auction houses and cultural institutions to present a vast array of Asian art for sale and exhibition. This past week, collectors, curators, artists and enthusiasts from around the

ArtistsPeople 20-03-2015

Fred Forest: The media man

We meet Fred Forest, art activist, “homme - media no.1”, who has been challenging man’s relationship with new technologies for over 40 years. Prior to his “connected” exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, due to be unveiled in June 2017, he tells us about his tumultuous past with the

GalleriesPeople 20-03-2015

Marta Kołakowska: Putting Poland on the map

When Marta Kołakowska founded Galeria Leto in Warsaw in 2007, the local gallery scene was sparse and Polish artists were largely underrepresented. Leading the way with a small group of other young Polish galleries, they began forging a path for their artists and the local contemporary art scene,

PeopleArtists 16-03-2015

Cécile Fakhoury: About African Contemporary art

It’s been two and a half years since Cécile Fakhoury’s leap to the Ivory Coast. “When I decided to open a contemporary art gallery in Abidjan, lots of people said it wouldn’t work”, she remembers. And yet today, the day before the opening of sculptor Jems Robert Koko Bi’s exhibition,

InstitutionsAuction Houses 15-03-2015

Endangered species in the Asian auction room

Whilst Asian Art Week is underway in New York, running from March 13 to 21, H A P P E N I N G takes a look at a sensitive area of this domaine, the ivory trade and its legal

FairsArtists 14-03-2015

Cream of the crop at TEFAF 2015

Following Thursday’s TEFAF preview, the H A P P E N I N G team gives you a little tour of this year’s

FairsPeople 11-03-2015

TEFAF Report 2015:

Art and economics once again come together during TEFAF, the embodiment of the art market. Whilst the fair in Maastricht unites the best of the old, modern and contemporary, economist Dr. Clare McAndrew has coincided the presentation of her annual market report, the art economics

ArtistsInstitutions 11-03-2015

Krištof Kintera: “Your Light Is My Life”

When you Google Krištof Kintera’s works, images fill your screen of obscure figures created from lights, some would say angels, others formed with mounds of what appear to be raw potatoes, still with their skins, hooked up to electrical wires. Christmas baubles representing a demon of growth,

PeopleFairs 11-03-2015

Little detour via Delhi

Delhi celebrates a week of overlapping artistic events across the town. With India Art Fair’s 7th edition (January 29 - February 1) drawing to a close, the desertion of many foreign galleries becomes apparent with the exception of the unyielding Baudoin

ArtistsInstitutions 10-03-2015

Chintan Upadhyay: Between Culture and Time

For Chintan Upadhyay's first exhibition in Istanbul at the Zorlu Center, we met with the Indian artist who gave us an insight into his work and his most recent exhibition.

People 10-03-2015

UKIP education policy forgets about art

Nigel Farage of UKIP has been proudly telling media sources across the UK, “I’m pleased to say that we would scrap tuition fees for students studying science, technology, engineering, maths, or medical degrees.” Against a backdrop of loose-lipped party members talking about “Bongo Bongo

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