People 07-04-2015

Y. Bouvier | D. Rybolovlev: Understanding the stakes of the scandal

Yves Bouvier, the world’s largest art transporter with an impeccable reputation, has been accused of fraud by one of the world’s biggest art collectors, the highly mediatized billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. If the average Joe is shocked by this commission rate, then the art world is even more

MediumsFairs 03-04-2015

The limits of contemporary drawing

When Kate Mac Farlane, co-director of the Drawing Room, Brett Littman, director of the Drawing Center, Elsy Lahner, curator of the Albertina Museum and Agnès Callu came together last week, they set about trying to expand their audience’s minds on where the limits of drawing lie. For them it

ArtistsGalleries 02-04-2015

Galleri Bo Bjerggaard at The Armory Show

With important Georg Baselitz and Jannis Kounellis exhibitions currently on view in Copenhagen, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard is at the top of its game. H A P P E N I NG recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Bjerggaard at the Armory Show in New York to discuss the two shows, the art market in

PeopleArtists 02-04-2015

Feroze Gujral: Culture and diplomacy in Venice

Feroze Gujral is India’s former fashion model and today’s society lady. Devoted to her philanthropic and artistic activities, Feroze is even more than

PeopleArtists 01-04-2015

Sandeep Mahal: New Approach to Staging Art

After 10 years as a librarian, Sandeep Mahal became the head of a partnership of a literacy charity called the Reading Agency in 2007. She transformed the way the UK publishing industry works with public libraries, and then was awarded a Clore Fellowship, a cultural leadership program which led her

PeopleInstitutions 01-04-2015

Life as a Medium: Jeffrey Deitch talks to Massimiliano Gioni

To mark the release of a new book, « Live the Art », Jeffrey Deitch sat down on Thursday with the New Museum’s Massimiliano Gioni as part of the New York Public Library’s LIVE from the NYPL series. The two art world heavyweights pondered and reminisced over Deitch’s legendary career to a

Artists 31-03-2015

Art fairs come to Paris

Spring has arrived in Paris, and so has the Semaine du Dessin featuring various events and fairs, running alongside the traditional fair Art Paris, as well as PAD, Paris Art Design. This is what we saw…

FairsPeople 31-03-2015

Banking on Singapore

After a minute’s silence to remember the death of Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away days previously, the Art Paris conference on “Singapore and the arts” commenced. Lee was Singapore’s First Premier, praised for transforming the state into one of Asia’s

Artists 30-03-2015

José Maria Luna: Welcome to the Pompidou Centre

José Maria Luna, the director of Malaga’s Picasso Foundation, is seeing his responsibilities grow even more. He will be taking over as director of the Russian Art museum of St Petersburg and the Spanish branch of the Pompidou Centre which he inaugurated on March 25 and 28, with Fleur Pellerin

PeopleFairs 30-03-2015

Lorenzo Rudolf: Thoughts on Singapore

This week Art Paris Art Fair’s featured country is Singapore. Inside the Grand Palais the fair promises a selection of work by artists from the region, inviting Singaporean galleries. Yet as has been the case for many years, “the fair we love to hate” is disappointing. Whilst the overall

MediumsFairs 28-03-2015

Today’s drawing market

Drawing fans have been impatiently waiting the month of March for a while now. This year, three Parisian fairs are dedicated solely to the media: historic drawing, modern and contemporary - there is something for everyone. So let’s take a look at today’s drawing

Artists 27-03-2015

What didn't flop at Art Paris

Art lovers, push back the doors of the Grand Palais and discover the latest edition of Art Paris. Yet I warn you, you will not be bowled over by unbridled creativity or the pinnacle of avant-garde creation. The art at this fair is very modest, even if certain surprises pop up here or there, in

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