ArtistsFairs 05-03-2015

New York’s Armory Week Round Up

Once again thousands of collectors, gallerists, curators, artists and the occasional celebrity descended on New York this past week for its annual showing of fairs and special exhibitions. Leading the pack was the 17th edition of the Armory Show, presented at Piers 92 and 94 on Manhattan’s west

InstitutionsPeople 04-03-2015

Rem Koolhaas's Garage Museum

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal last January, Dasha Zhukova declared "I think within a decade, [Moscow] could be as important an art center as New York or

People 03-03-2015

Frans Broersen: Drawing North Korea out of isolation?

“Hidden Treasures of North Korea Revealed” arrived in Goyang until March 6, treating South Korean residents to unseen paintings by their Northern counterpart. But these aren’t carefully orchestrated photo ops released by Kim Jong-un. Dutch investor Frans Broersen scoured North Korea for his

FairsArtists 03-03-2015

H A P P E N I N G takes a look at the Armory Show 2015

H A P P E N I N G was in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood last night to attend the much-anticipated opening of the Armory Show 2015. For its 17th edition, the fair welcomed 199 galleries to its expansive space on Piers 92 & 94 overlooking the Hudson

FairsPeople 03-03-2015

Outsider Art Fair: Welcoming all outsiders

This year’s Outsider Art Fair, its 23rd edition in New York, opened this past Thursday on West 22nd Street in Chelsea. Described by its director Andrew Eldin as representing the “largest and most internationally diverse array of galleries and dealers” in the event’s history, this iteration

GalleriesFairs 03-03-2015

ARCO the crowd pleaser

When ARCO closed its doors on Sunday everybody seemed pretty content. “We had a very successful start to the week, that always puts you in a good mood for the entire fair!” exclaims Bo Bjerggaard of the eponymous Copenhagen-based gallery. The figures speak for themselves, this year saw 10% more

FairsGalleries 02-03-2015

Christopher Grimes moving on the art fair model

“We used to do Miami Basel, but that just turned into this huge party….” I’m talking with Christopher Grimes, Director of Christopher Grimes Gallery, Los Angeles at ARCO Madrid. For him art fairs are a necessary evil, “unfortunately, and I do mean this, it [art fair participation] has

ArtistsPeople 27-02-2015

Franz Erhard Walther: Art set in motion

After many decades of practicing the same artistic approach, Franz Erhard Walther is emerging from the shadows. The complexity of his work is finally revealed, fascinating the audience with his unique yet unclassifiable style. It is by his own admission that this difficulty to assimilate to a

ArtistsFairs 26-02-2015

Icaro Zorbar: Mixtape nostalgia

Amongst the aisles of galleries at ARCO, one gallery stands out. Casa Reigner Gallery spotlights Icaro Zorbar’s compelling installation. H A P P E N I N G spoke with the Colombian artist who unveils his intriguing fan-motored

ArtistsPeople 25-02-2015

Ralph Gibson: Black on White nothing more nothing less

Last month we met with Ralph Gibson in Montreal who was preparing his solo-show at the Samuel Lallouz Gallery, here he discusses his projects, his inspirations, past, present and

FairsArtists 25-02-2015

Welcome to ARCO

When ARCO opened its doors this morning, gallerists were still bossing about handlers, adding the final touches to their stands. Collectors seemed unperturbed, distracted by champagne, pastries and crayfish sandwiches. Yet as the morning pushed on, the aisles filled up and the artworks took their

Galleries 21-02-2015

A second art space for Pearl Lam in Hong Kong

It seems Pearl Lam’s empire is expanding at a rate of knots across Asia. Already boasting four galleries in all of Asia’s hotspots - Hong Kong, Singapore and two in Shanghai – the reigning art market mogul is opening a second space in the Pearl of the

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