Galleries 21-02-2015

A second art space for Pearl Lam in Hong Kong

It seems Pearl Lam’s empire is expanding at a rate of knots across Asia. Already boasting four galleries in all of Asia’s hotspots - Hong Kong, Singapore and two in Shanghai – the reigning art market mogul is opening a second space in the Pearl of the

Artists 16-02-2015

Artists call for cultural boycott on Israel

On February 13, The Guardian published an open letter signed by over 100 artists calling for a cultural boycott of

People 15-02-2015

Art as an asset

Art as an asset, or the concept of art and compliance implicate not just artists and gallerists but lawyers and insurers, like AXA Art. Art has become recognized as a viable alternative asset, and a variety of solutions responding to the risks, roles and opportunities linked to investments in art

ArtistsPeople 05-02-2015

Will Picasso drown in a flooded market?

All is not yet forgiven. It has been 14 years since Marina Picasso published her book revealing her famous grandfather to be cold and distant.

PeopleInstitutions 02-02-2015

Claire Hsu: A meeting with the founder of Asia Art Archive

Claire Hsu is co-founder and executive director of Asia Art Archive (AAA), an independent not-for-profit organization initiated in 2000 in response to the urgent need to document and make accessible the multiple recent histories of art in the

FairsArtists 30-01-2015

Unwind at ArtGenève

The term “art fair” and ArtGeneve do not quite add up. ArtGenève has become ever-distanced from the traditional agenda of the

PeopleArtists 29-01-2015

Wang Jianlin on a Western (art) conquest

Chinese collectors are more present than ever on the international art scene. Wang Jianlin, head of the DalianWanda Group, was China’s second richest man in 2014 with a fortune of $18

Artists 26-01-2015

Mons’ Identity Crisis - Inauguration of the European Capital of Culture 2015

Mons was perhaps an unlikely candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture 2015. Few people are aware of its location or even its existence. Britain remembers Mons for the First World

PeopleFairs 23-01-2015

Art Stage: At Asia’s intersection

Singapore recently witnessed the 4th edition of Art Stage, running from January 22 to 25 under Lorenzo Rudolf’s careful

PeopleAuction Houses 20-01-2015

Isaure de Viel Castel: Pushing the boundaries

For the fourth edition of ‘Boundless: Contemporary Art’ at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, anything goes: Street Art, Design, Contemporary Chinese ink painting, Post-War works of

Artists 14-01-2015

Matali Crasset: An online influence

Philippe Starck and Matali Crasset are the two most influential French designers on social media according to the annual barometer of Influential Artists carried out by Smiling-People Agency and

Artists 14-01-2015

Pluggate - A masterclass in m(art)keting

Stakes are high for luxury brands seeking invested sponsorship. Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Prada, Hermès, François Pinault Foundation are firmly cemented in our minds, yet at present, they fail to enjoy the exclusive monopoly in a new marketing breakthrough in the creative arts, aptly named:

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