ArtistsPeople 31-07-2015

Monika Grütters’ “German Heritage” draft law has been revised

Monika Grütters, Germany’s Minister for Culture from the conservative CDU party, and her suggested “German Heritage” law have recently come under huge criticism from art professionals in and outside Germany, with some even making comparisons to GDR surveillance

Biennials & TriennialsArtists 23-07-2015

Power plays in Venice how national representation is funded

In Venice, it’s all about location, it is pavilion placement that reminds us that not everyone starts out on an even foot, with each country assigned their spot. Powerful Westerners, and some of their former colonies are located in the beautiful Giardini, whilst others must settle for the

Auction HousesFairs 07-07-2015

The Gallery & the Auction House: Friend or Foe?

As has been the case each season for years, everyone even slightly connected to the New York art scene waited nervously for the results of the auctions of Modern and Contemporary art at the major houses this past

GalleriesInstitutions 06-07-2015

Phillip March Jones | Art Brut makes its mark

It’s a faction of the art world relatively unknown to most. The group of artists that comprise Art Brut or ‘Outsider Art’ has long remained on the fringes of the Modern and contemporary art scenes. These self-taught artists - often with social or psychological impediments - usually create

Online SalesArtists 02-07-2015

The future of collecting in France and Belgium

Recently, Happening was in Brussels for the conference “Passions Dévoilées” (passions unveiled) organized by CENTRALE, the Ministry for Culture, Brussels. In partnership with the Association for the International Diffusion of French Art (ADIAF), the Young Belgian Art Prize, Bozar and the

ArtistsInstitutions 02-07-2015

Marc Couturier’s cabinet of curiosities

Until September 20, Marc Couturier is occupying the Atelier Martine Aublet at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris with a 1,830-square-foot experimental cabinet of curiosities where time seems to

ArtistsPeople 29-06-2015

A new model for the biennale

Has the format of contemporary biennale lost its way, or are artists simply not provided a correct platform to produce their art? We see how the Ultracontemporary format is developing in Copenhagen with Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel and Tijana

Auction HousesInstitutions 26-06-2015

Paris the capital of classical African Art

Paris has confirmed itself as the capital for the sale of classical African Art with two successful sales this week, both of which realized over €11 million

ArtistsInstitutions 23-06-2015

Repurposing the obsolete: an interview with Daniel Canogar

Daniel Canogar doesn’t really like the title ‘digital artist’, it is “kind of pigeonholed as a specific kind of artwork that I don’t totally identify with,” he explains. Yet there is no escaping the fact that the artist’s work inherently questions how technology has affected and

ArtistsGalleries 22-06-2015

The 46th annual Art Basel: The struggle between old and new

Crowds were impatient for doors to open at the 46th edition of Art Basel which closed yesterday. 284 galleries from 33 different countries were housed in the impressive Messeplatz building for four days. Despite negative criticism overheard during the course of the week, Art Basel put on display of

GalleriesPeople 22-06-2015

Art Basel and beyond

Its been said again and again, Art Basel’s 46th edition has been the ultimate money-making success. But to find the up-and-coming talents, you must step away from the financial fanfare and leave the main arena, even if newcomers such as Rodeo, a gallery based in Istanbul with new quarters in

ArtistsFairs 19-06-2015

At Unlimited size matters

Compared to last year, Unlimited is rather disappointing, however, there are a few redeeming pieces, notably Kenneth Anger’s fabulous triptych 'Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome 1954' (2014), firmly establishing the experimental queer film director’s work in the

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