Artists 20-07-2017

Château Chasse-Spleen | Where everything’s only order and beauty

“Always be drunk. That's it! The great imperative! In order not to feel time's horrid fardel bruise your shoulders, grinding you into the earth, get drunk and stay that way.” Charles Baudelaire. But drunk on what? On wine, poetry or

InstitutionsMovements 19-07-2017

The Economy of Living Things

In 2007 Paris’ Jeu de Paume initiated its Satellite programme, commissioned with CAPC Bordeaux and MABA in Nogent-sur-Marne; welcoming a visiting curator each year to create a series of exhibitions, inviting young — often international — artists to present their work. The Jeu de Paume is best

Institutions 12-07-2017

What to see in Paris this summer

France is infamously defined by its sleepy summer months. The habitual vacating of city centres in favour of the coast and the countryside often mean that galleries and museums close their doors as Paris (and other arts hubs) empty out. However there are a few spaces that keep running, and the

PeopleArtists 10-07-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. In this edition, stories that hinged on the fine print––or lack

ArtistsInstitutions 07-07-2017

Maja Bajevic | The power of propaganda

Maja Bajevic’s major exhibition on show at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Zürich, titled ‘Power, Governance, Labour,’ is as unnerving as it is illuminating — navigating constellations and the distribution of power in art and

GalleriesArtists 06-07-2017

Marion Verboom | The architect of experience and time

Inspired by the research she conducted at the Archaeology Museums of Istanbul and Madrid, it was at The Pill Gallery in Istanbul where Marion Verboom began working on the sculptures that make up her Achronies series.

ArtistsInstitutions 04-07-2017

Baltic Artist's Award | The prize with no winner

The four artists on the jury for Baltic’s inaugural Artist’s Award – Monica Bonvicini, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Lorna Simpson and Mike Nelson ­– were picked because of their ongoing relationships with the institution, and because of their art-world prestige. They were also chosen, as director

FairsArtists 03-07-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, stories that pose eye-opening questions about art-world

Artists 28-06-2017

Road trip through Occitania

Mapping out a unique and dynamic journey, IN SITU invites its audience to take part in the (re)discovery of listed heritage sites dotted around the Occitan region — all through the prism of contemporary art. Until September 17, ten artists will occupy and engage with the 11 chosen heritage sites,

Artists 27-06-2017

Remembering Poland's most influential woman artist | Magdalena Abakanowicz in Wroclaw

There are some 120 works by artist Magdalena Abakanowicz currently on show across Wroclaw. All, but one, have been sourced from the artist’s studio — unusual for a large posthumous exhibition. Such an event would normally require an extensive number of loans from institutions, galleries and

PeopleArtists 26-06-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, three industry stories featuring trends that synced to the wider

MovementsArtists 23-06-2017

2KM3 | A new platform for urban art (in a former parking garage)

One of the most ambitious projects dedicated to urban art has just opened in the south-eastern town of Saint-Gervais, France, June 2.

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