ArtistsPeople 21-10-2015

On the borders of the visible world

Claire Morgan and Pierre Soulages can be found at the Karsten Greve gallery booth at FIAC. Two generations, two individuals with recognizable universes, steeped in

ArtistsFairs 21-10-2015

My name is Waqas Khan

Waqas Khan is a Pakistani artist who kind of stumbled upon art by accident whilst at the University of Lahore. He was studying printmaking and busying himself with the responsibility of a group of students, planning to go work in an office in Dubai. One day, he sat down in front of a big blank page

FairsPeople 21-10-2015

Asia Now with Alexandra Fain: Not just dragons and 1980s stereotypes

“It was born from a very simple desire to share” says Alexandra Fain softly. The daughter of collector Claude Fain is the co-founder and director of Asia Now, the latest art fair to join Paris’ ever growing list of October art events. “It was also born out of frustration from the fact that

ArtistsMovements 21-10-2015

Angelika Markul: explore before it’s too late

Angelika Markul actively seeks her challenges. An attentive witness of our time, humanity and our slow demise, — Angelika is not someone with an optimistic outlook for the future — she travels to the most hostile corners of the planet, or those most scarred by human

ArtistsFairs 20-10-2015

What makes Toguo tick?

Galerie Lelong @ FIAC Booth

Artists 20-10-2015

Want to know what LA and Naples have in common? 30 seconds with Armand Jalut

Michel Rein gallery @ FIAC stand

ArtistsGalleries 20-10-2015

Henrique Oliveira: Beyond the scene

For his second exhibition at the Galerie Vallois, Henrique Oliveira (1973, Brazil) is once again thinking in 3D. On display to coincide with FIAC, « Fissure » explores the myriad of possibilities presented by the artist’s medium of choice, wood, sourced from the outskirts of major cities —

FairsArtists 20-10-2015

Would you like to know which artist is a fan of Markus Gabriel? 30 seconds with Daniel Knorr

Rosemarie Schwarzwälder nächst St Stephan @ FIAC Stand :

GalleriesArtists 20-10-2015

Would you like to discover the strange worlds of Nathalie Obadia ?

A presentation based on strange

Institutions 15-10-2015

Who is the owner of silence? 30 seconds with Petra Koehle

Galerie De Roussan @ OFFicielle Stand :

GalleriesInstitutions 09-10-2015

Sarkozy to finance your next acquisition

Good news for those wondering how to finance their acquisitions at major fairs and sales this fall. Carlyle and Pictet have joined forces to issue lines of credit dedicated to the acquisition of artworks, artworks as guarantees...without

FairsPeople 09-10-2015

Cracking the code to art sales in Silicon Valley

From Art Miami, the United States’ most frequented fair, director Nick Korniloff has gone on to found a legion of art fairs across the country. His latest development popped up in Silicon Valley just one year ago, and the second edition takes place this

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