ArtistsInstitutions 26-10-2017

Ali Kazma | The intuition of the instant

Evoking Gaston Bachelard’s rejection of Bergson's intuitionism in "The Intuition of the Instant", artist Ali Kazma’s practice explores the succession of instants that constitute human time. His videos, currently on show at Paris’ Jeu de Paume, capture time variations, gestures and sometimes

ArtistsPeople 23-10-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, questioning alternative aspects of three art-industry scandals...

Fairs 20-10-2017

In Saudi Arabia culture is the driving force behind a new society

After its participation in the “Biennale de Lyon”, the young Saudi gallery Hafez, is currently showing at YIA Art Fair in Paris, running parallel to the FIAC. The gallery, based in Jeddah, was chosen by the fair for the diversity of its program and the quality of its artistic offerings,

Fairs 19-10-2017

FIAC | The Lafayette Sector remains the fair’s most promising

This year in its 44th edition, Paris’ FIAC is almost a museum of absolute masterpieces for both modern and contemporary art lovers. However, for those in the art world who have already attended fairs such as New York’s Armory Show or Art Basel, a similarly-sized fair might come across as

FairsGalleries 19-10-2017

Paris Internationale 2017: the uncompromising art fair

The third edition of Paris Internationale opened on October 17 in a new, somewhat unexpected location. Leagues away from the bourgeoisie of the hôtels particuliers that have hosted the fair in previous years, Paris Internationale’s new home in a former parking space, previously occupied by

Auction HousesArtists 16-10-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. Since it's felt like a pack of tiny demons has been tending a bonfire in my throat this weekend, two takes on suffering and salvation in the

Biennials & TriennialsArtists 13-10-2017

What consequences will the rise of the far right have on Germany’s culture?

Last month, Germany’s federal elections saw the far-right, nationalist party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) gain 13.5 percent of the vote. Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU still secured the majority, but what consequences will the entry of the anti-islam, eurosceptic party into the Bundestag have on

MovementsPeople 12-10-2017

13 Art Fair Urban Contemporary | A turning point for urban art?

Ahead of the opening of the first edition of “13 Art Fair Urban Contemporary” in Paris, there is still much debate surrounding the definition of “urban

Artists 11-10-2017

Food as a lens to two diverging cultures | First Food Residency at The Koppel Project

Last Thursday, amidst the furore of Frieze week, a resolutely different kind of exhibition opened its doors to the

FairsGalleries 09-10-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, looking over developments in the fair sector, the auction sector, and the digital

FairsPeople 06-10-2017

Frieze Sex Work: what place does radical feminist art have within the art fair?

Come October, the art world descends on London for Frieze and for the most part, the surprises are few. Year in and year out, the fair wraps up with important sales, happy gallerists and impressive attendance, running like a well-oiled machine. For this 2017 edition, however, a whole new section

FairsArtists 04-10-2017

At 1:54 a young(er) generation of artists takes the spotlight

Over the past five years, 1:54 has made a name for itself for being several things at once: a platform for so-called Contemporary African Art and its booming market, a champion of emerging galleries and artists, but also one of the few critically engaging fairs, offering authoritative perspectives

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