Auction HousesPeople 22-05-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, surveying the New York evening sales for meaningful

ArtistsInstitutions 22-05-2017

Sunyoung HWANG | naïveté series

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Sunyoung Hwang moved to Belgium in 2007 when she was 18, to study at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. This was where she decided apply to Slade School of Fine Art, UCL in London. She graduated from Slade in 2012, and embarked on a Master’s at London’s Royal

ArtistsGalleries 19-05-2017

One Artist One Studio | Samuel Yal seeking the gold of time

Born in 1982, Samuel Yal lives and works in Saint-Cloud — occupying a little studio, suitable for the delicate and fragile work he

FairsGalleries 18-05-2017

Has Photo London (finally) caught up with its Paris counterpart?

After Frieze and 1:54 in London last October, the art world descended once again on the British capital this week for the 2017 edition of Photo London. Running from May 18 through 21, this marks the fair’s third edition at Somerset House.

Auction HousesArt Business 15-05-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. This week, stories that raise hard questions about what the art market is and

Biennials & TriennialsArtists 13-05-2017

At the Giardini the Venice Biennale delivers well beyond the “Viva Arte Viva” motto

The importance of the event — its history, its wealth, its weight within the art world ecosystem, leads to an interpretive force, a desire to find unity and a common path through the myriad exhibitions.

Biennials & TriennialsArtists 11-05-2017

Jean Boghossian Armenian Pavilion | Venice Biennale

Artist Jean Boghossian has been based in Brussels since 1975, having fled his native Lebanon during the civil war. However he is in Venice paying homage to his Armenian roots, exhibiting at the national pavilion during the Biennale at the Collegio Armeno Moorat-Raphael, at Palazzo Zenobio, and at

Biennials & TriennialsArtists 11-05-2017

Dirk Braeckman Belgian Pavilion | Venice Biennale

The 57th Venice Biennale sees the Belgian Pavilion showcase the work of photographer Dirk Braeckman, under the curatorial supervision of Eva Wittocx, General Coordinator of M-Museum Leuven. Happening spoke with Wittocx a few weeks prior to the event.

Online SalesPeople 08-05-2017

The Gray Market Weekly

Seven days in the evolving business of fine art. Reviewing a week of dubious solutions around the

PeopleArtists 08-05-2017

Domesticated Generation | Operating on the outskirts of the system

While the majority of art fairs and biennials have a plethora of satellite, OFF and collateral events, it’s mainly taken as a given that these cannot exist independently from the main event itself. That’s just how the art world

ArtistsMovements 06-05-2017

Chang KAI-CHUN | naïveté series

Chang Kai-Chun, 28, grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2012, he left for France. After graduating from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art in Bourges, he embarked on his Master's degree at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. Kai will graduate this year, in 2017.

Artists 05-05-2017

One artist One studio | Kasper de Vos and snacking culture

Kasper de Vos is a young artist from Antwerp, currently in residence at the prestigious Hoger Instituut Voor Schone Kunsten (HISK) in Gent, whose doors are open to the public this

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