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PRNCPL | A new shazam for art fairs?

MCH Group — behind fairs such as Art Basel and Art Düsseldorf, whose first edition will take place next month — has announced the launch of a new mobile application.

Thanks to PRNCPL, a Shazam of sorts, users will be able to scan artworks at one of the group’s fairs and obtain information on the artist, the work’s title, the medium, the gallery and (sometimes) the artwork’s price — information that is often featured on labels, or that can be easily obtained by asking the gallery’s staff.

PRNCPL was designed by the team behind Curiator, which allows users to share images of their favorite artworks. In many ways, PRNCPL is very much alike MAGNUS, an application working on the same … principle, but with a greater aim: creating a bigger database, covering both private galleries and international museums. Despite its ambition and its 10 million data, MAGNUS hasn’t known a breakthrough success since its launch in 2013.

The idea behind PRNCPL is to allow users and collectors to have a mini catalogue of their favorite artworks from the fair. The fair over, they’ll still be able to go through their favorites, and avoid taking the sometimes awful art fair pictures that we all know too well….

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