Fairs 20-10-2017

Poppositions launches open call for its 7th edition

The 7th edition of Poppositions — the Brussels-based art fair, aiming to rethink the format of the fair itself — will take place in the Belgian capital next April, in a location to be announced soon. With booths priced at between €500 and €1500, the fair was established in 2012 in opposition to the tired logics of the art market.

Ahead of its opening, the fair has launched its open call for galleries, project spaces and artists to present solo show propositions that will then be assembled by POPPOSITIONS into one single exhibition. The application deadline is November 15.

For the second year in a row, curator Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk (Office for Curating) will be the fair’s artist director. Titled IN WATERMELON SUGAR, the fair’s 7th edition will welcome “proposals that engage in world-making projects”, and encourages both artists and their galleries to think about the following questions: “How do we imagine and envision a future beyond the ever-growing ruins of capitalism and increasing ecological and economic instability? Are artists capable of making this old and dying world anew, or at least to create possible worlds? Can we conceive of artistic praxis as an expression of shared concern and mutual care? Can it play a role in surpassing the rigid nature/culture divide, or be questioning an anthropocentric framework?”.



In many ways, the fair continues a discourse that it had begun last year, when it aimed to respond to the political turmoil we are continuing to experience on a global scale. In continuing with its traditional approach of countering “mainstream art fairs”, this year’s edition of POPPOSITIONS will, we hope, engage with questions surrounding the role of art and artists within our changing world.


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