Artists 12-10-2017

Artists come together to fight xenophobia and the closing of borders

Launched by artist Laurie Anderson, TV producer Laura Michalchyshyn and writer Tanya Selvaratnam, the artist-run organization The Federation, aims to “keep cultural borders open in response to the threatened closing of physical borders and increased xenophobia”.

Several hundred artists, including Glenn Ligon, Shirin Neshat, Anicka Yi, and Joan Jonas,  as well as organizations such as  The  Kitchen, St. Anne’s Warehouse, the Poetry Project, the Brooklyn public Library, New York Live Arts and Performance Space 122 have already joined in. More information via

“We believe in the need to both heighten our sense of our shared humanity and to work for equality and justice. We believe in engaging audiences to secure an enduring democratic future. The arts must serve as a catalyst to achieve these goals” said the signatories.

Launched on occasion of the New York Film Festival on october 11, the artist-run organization will also be leading Art Action Day on January 20, 2018.




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