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Mexico’s Casa Maauad is closing its doors

Founded in 2010 by Mexican artist Anuar Maauad, Casa Maauad featured artist residencies and exhibition spaces in Mexico City’s Colonia San Rafael neighborhood.

In a letter, Anuar Maauad — the space’s exhibition director — has said: “My energy will now be focused on my artistic practice and on a new large scale project Nancy [Nancy Brown, Casa Maauad's exhibition director] and I are currently developing, a project that you will all be part of when the time is right.”

Since its opening, Casa Maauad was home to 56 projects, involving 152 artista and 9 curators, both from Mexico and elsewhere. In an interview with HAPPENING, Maauad was happy to say that the space was considerably successful, having received some 480 international proposals only in 2015.

Among its most exciting initiatives, Casa Maauad hosted Cristobal Leon’s La Casa Lobo, (The Wolf House) a project that transformed Casa Maauad into a stop-motion studio, where visitors were able to see the process behind the creation of a stop-motion animation film, whose story was based on a controversial colony of German immigrants in Chile during the Pinochet dictatorship.


Still from  La Casa Lobo. Courtesy DILUVIO.

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