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The New Museum | At the forefront of art & technology

Launched in 2014, New Inc, the New Museum’s Cultural Incubator dedicated to supporting “innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship across art, design, and technology”, continues to develop its educational program.

This year, the Cultural Incubator will welcome 80 artists, designers, storytellers, collectives, non-profit organizations and startups, who will benefit from an educational program at the crossroads of art, design, technology and entrepreneurship.

Three overall programs

Thanks to the generous support of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation — which announced earlier this year that it would provide an overall $1,87 million to 12 museums for the development of “develop tech-related initiatives aimed at improving audience engagement” — eight projects will be given a $250,000 boost to explore “technology’s impact on the future of art museums.” All eight projects will benefit from the new Museum Technology Track — including, among other things, custom-designed workshops as well as multiple research trips. Among them are: TheGreenEyl, “a design and research practice, based in Berlin and New York, that creates exhibitions, installations, objects, images, interactions, and algorithms” and Micah Walter, “a series of projects focused on collections data and institutional storytelling toward open access, sustainability, and inclusivity.”

The Kate Spade & Company Foundation will continue to support its program dedicated to the place of women in the fields of both art and technology, among which is RES —  The Future “Michelin Guide” of Artists Residencies.

In addition, Futureworks Shops will support two projects dedicated to “advanced manufacturing”: on the one hand, the research of Yago de Quay, an award-winning artist who has spent the last eight years conducting scientific research in the field of digital media, and on the other the project of Wearable Media, which “delivers cutting-edge, interactive wearable fashion to create a world of futurist fashion powered by design and technology”.

Among this year’s full-time members is also Collecteurs, “a digital platform for collectors to connect on a new level”, as well as Superbright, a creative studio that focuses on the intersection of art, technology, and design.


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