Galleries 24-08-2017

Gallery 1957 doubles its offer in Accra

In March 2016, business magnate Marwan Zakhem — who also serves on the board of Tate’s Africa Acquisitions Committee — opened Gallery 1957 in Accra.

A year and a half later, the gallery has announced that it is to open a new location in the Ghanaian capital, taking over a 220 square meter exhibition space in Accra’s newly built Galleria Mall. The gallery’s second space will open with a solo show by Godfried Donkor, (running until October 30) and it aims to welcome bigger sized projects by 1957’s represented artists.

Dedicated to the support and promotion of West African artist, Gallery 1957 aims to offer “Ghananian collectors a chance to collect [work by] these artists before they reach international success”.

On November 21, the gallery’s new space will host a group show featuring works by Paa Joe and Elisabeth Efua Sutherland. Gallery 1957 also represents Yaw Owusu, Gerald Chukwuma , Serge Attukwei Clottey, Jeremiah Quarshie, crazinisT artisT and Godfried Donkor.


Gallery 1957. Courtesy the gallery.

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