Galleries 21-07-2017

London | Breese Little is (also) closing its doors

The Bethnal Green gallery, which opened in Clerkenwell seven years ago, has announced that it is closing.

Following the closure of fellow London gallery Limoncello earlier this year, Breese Little’s announcement marks the end of yet another middle market gallery dedicated to supporting the work of emerging artists. Founded by Josephine Breese and Henry Little, the gallery has “been unable to sustain the programme with the focus [its owners] envisaged.” Breese and Little have added that “rather than compromise the scope of our exhibitions, and the depth of contact with artists, [they] have come to the sad decision of permanently closing Breese Little.”

In an interview with Joomag, Little said “There is a big trend in contemporary art to focus on analytical minutiae in a quite a sterile and non visual way, and I like to think the work we exhibit goes against that somewhat.”

The gallery’s last show, titled “31 Women” — referencing the legendary exhibition organized by Peggy Guggenheim in New York in 1943 — runs through July 29 and features the work of Eileen Agar, Laura Aldridge, Cornelia Baltes, Claire Barclay, Rana Begum, Eva Berendes, Helen Chadwick, Angela de la Cruz, Tracey Emin, Lydia Gifford, Celia Hempton, Allison Katz, Lauren Keeley, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Mary Martin, Cornelia Parker, Aimée Parrott, Mary Ramsden, Bridget Riley, Eva Rothschild, Katie Schwab, Jo Spence, Tyra Tingleff, Patricia Treib, Alison Turnbull, Phoebe Unwin, Gillian Wearing, Rachel Whiteread, Clare Woods, Rose Wylie and Catherine Yarrow.

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