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IZOLYATSIA announces Isa Carrillo as winner of the 2017 Social Contract Project

IZOLYATSIA, the Ukraine’s leading art institution, has announced that Mexican artist Isa Carrillo has been chosen to transform the former site of Lenin’s monument in Kiev, as part of the 2017 edition of its Social Contract project.

Her project, titled Ritual of Self-Nature, will be on show between May 3 and 17, and it will consist of covering the former statue’s pedestal with rosemary plants. Drawing on the “healing powers of nature”, Carrillo invites the public to take part in a “shared quest for internal balance and calm”. The rosemary plants will then be offered to the public at the end of the project.

To Carrillo, her installation aims to “purify” a very complex place, in line with the premises of the Social Contract project, which is to explore the historical, political and ideological significance of commemorative objects in public spaces. Carrillo was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1982. Her practice engages deeply with mysticism as well as graphology, astrology, and numerology. She is represented by Galeria Tiro al Blanco in Guadalajara.

Previously, artists Cynthia Gutiérrez and Mahmoud Bakhshi intervened on the site with their respective works Inhabiting Shadows (July 9-16, 2016) and Endless Celebration (November 7-21, 2016).


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