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A new collector residency at London’s Delfina Foundation

London’s Delfina Foundation is to launch “Collecting as Practice”, a new program created for collectors whose aim won’t be pure investment, but rather to raise questions as to the philosophy and psychology of collecting.

Through residencies, new commissions, and events, the program, directed by Delfina’s Aaron Cezar, is the first of its kind: “Collecting as Practice” will bring together artists and curators “to explore shared approaches and concerns and the potential for such practices in the broadest sense”.

“Collecting as Practice” will underpin a year of Delfina Foundation’s activities, and its rich program of events will be staged in venues such as Autograph ABP or the Victoria & Albert Museum. The new project will debut in April, though a “test residency” has already been completed by Alain Servais in 2016.

The Delfina Foundation’s new endeavour will also be accompanied by a program of talks curated by Rose Lejeune, taking place both at the foundation’s premises and on occasion of fairs such as Art Bruxelles and Art Monte Carlo. The discussions will explore the relationship between collectors and artists, as well as that between private and public collectors.

Among the participating artists and curators are Mark Dion (USA), Özge Ersoy (Turkey), Deyson Gilbert (Brazil), Geumhyung Jeong (South Korea), Joshua Lue Chee Kong (Trinidad and Tobago), Avani Tanya (India), Oriol Vilanova (Spain/Belgium) and Wok the Rock (Indonesia), with more to be announced.

The first collectors to take part will be Pedro Barbosa (Brazil), Dorith Galuz (France), Sean Lu (China), Luba Michailova (Ukraine) et Daisuke Miyatsu (Japan). More will be announced in the following months.


More details here.

To find out more about the Delfina Foundation, read our interview with director Aaron Cezar.

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