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LISTE announces its 2017 lineup | New faces, same structure

Among 250 candidates, 79 galleries have been selected for the 2017 edition of LISTE - organized in Basel from 13 to 18 June.

The fair has become well-established over its 22 years and is considered, in terms of concept, to have become more “strict”; concentrating on solo and duo shows, with a focus on young artists. “it is important to show enough works by young, still basically unknown artists in order to get an impression of what they are all about,” says director Peter Bläuer "At our fair you will find a lot of museum people who are on the lookout for “new” artists," he continues.

Fourteen galleries will be appearing for the first time this year at LISTE : Emalin, London; Jenny’s, Los Angeles; Antoine Levi, Paris; Lomex, New York; Madein, Shanghai; Madragoa, Lisbon; Marfa, Beirut; Edouard Montassut, Paris; Öktem Aykut, Istanbul; Société, Berlin; Southard Reid, London; Weiss Falk, Basel and Leo Xu, Shanghai

Notable absences include Dépendance, Brussels and Labor, Mexico City.



Full list is available here

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