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New private museums will blossom under Philip Dodd’s association

The sixth annual Global Private Museum Summit will again bring together international collectors during Art 15 in London, forging links between new museum founders and longer-established institutions. The program is part of a long-infused plan to establish the first global association of private museums, prompted by the rising number of institutions across the globe, notably in China.

The Long Museum West Bund. Photo: 吴俊泽 Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Photo Maurizio Elia
​Courtesy Art 15 


New initiative 

Whilst Europe and the US benefit from an existing internal infrastructure, where loans for temporary exhibitions between museums are common practice, new museums lack experience in sharing artworks and in curatorial expertise. Philip Dodd, Chair of Made in China and Chair of Art15’s advisory board told The Financial Times, “Our view is that over a period there will be a pooling strategy among members. A great show in Turin can end up in Miami, or in Beijing.”

“The people behind this fair share the view that the world is flat,” the organizer told Blouin Art Info. “These museum owners don’t want to be ghettoized, and they want to set up relationships with museum leaders in the West. We still have the original Asian participants, like Budi Tek, Dai Zhikang, and Wang Wei from China; and Hong Djien Oei from Indonesia; and there are the early adopters from Europe, like Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo from Italy.”



Portrait of Wang Wei and Liu Yiqian
Courtesy Art 15 

Without any official figures on private museums, it is difficult to gauge the number of private museums in the making. Larry’s Listreported 350 private museums globally in 2014, amongst them, 27% were founded before 2000. The accumulation of wealth is inciting international individuals to invest in art, with prominent collectors and museum founders including Budi Tek and Liu Yi Qian.

Thumbnail: Philip Dodd, 2015. Photo: Philip Sinden
Courtesy Art 15


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