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Lulu Mexico City is expanding

Lulu, the Mexico-City based independent project space branded by Spike magazine as one of the most famous alternative spaces in the world, is to expand, opening a second 140-square-foot space across the street.

Co-founded by artist Martin Soto Climent and the independent curator Chris Sharp in 2013, Lulu is currently housed within Soto Climent’s studio, “a location that could seem merely opportunistic and temporary despite its highly constructed nature,” according to Sharp. The pair had been considering expansion for a while. When the store front that Sharp had been eyeing up became available, the decision was already made. Sharp describes the expansion as “more of a commitment to the local scene”.

The new space, whilst not on the same site, is almost an exact replica of the original space, but slightly larger, allowing the Lulu founders to preserve the specific identity of their project with architectural designs realized by Lucia Soto and Andrea Flores.

Lulu will remain an independent space with a view to transform into a small not-for-profit institution, developing their publishing activity. “In my dreams,” says Sharp, “I see us as becoming the Midway Contemporary Art (Minneapolis) of Mexico City.”

Lulu's new space, credit: image via chris sharp


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