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Massinissa Selmani, Art Collector 2016 laureate

Massinissa Selmani is the 10th laureate of “Art Collector, collectors invite an artist."


Massinissa Selmani HAPPENINGBorn in Algiers in 1980, Massinissa Selmani practices the art of drawing and is currently participating in the 56th Venice Biennale (where he received a special mention) and the Lyon Biennale. As Art Collector 2016 winner, Massinissa Selmani will be exhibiting at the Art Opéra Patio next September, as well as benefit from the publication of a catalog. Led by Jacques and Evelyne Deret, founders of Art Collector, the award annually recognizes an emerging artist.

The two Art Collector 2015 laureates were Abdelkader Benchammaand Olivier Masmonteil; Selmani is the only artist chosen this year in contrast to previous years which saw two or three laureates. In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the program supporting young artists, an anniversary exhibition can be expected shortly.


Massinissa Selmani, a-t-on besoin des ombres pour se souvenir. Private collection. Image courtesy DDESSINPARIS
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