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One artist, One Studio | Alison Bignon

Although it might come across as quite eclectic, there is a common thread running through the work of artist Alison Bignon. A story-teller at heart, Bignon explores intimate, personal narratives through watercolor paintings.

As part of her series Carnets de chagrin, Bignon — who is also a curator — gives out her business cards to passers-by, asking them to visit her in her studio, where they can open up to the artist, who starts from their “confessions” to create artworks that capture the personality of each visitor with poetry and tact. These strangers’ personal stories, emotions, tears and laughs are at the center of her practice.




Born in 1983, Bignon studied at the Versailles School of Fine Arts after working as stage director and actor in the theatre. While she does not define her work as strictly political, she has recently worked on a series of paintings that will be sold in the US, with proceedings from the sales funding activities relating to the #Blacklivesmatter movement.










Following an artist residency in the island of Mauritius, Bignon has now taken center stage in London, where her works are on show on a number of screens scattered around the city as part of the #SHE exhibition organized by Vanessa Power. Things are going quite well for the artist, who opened the doors of her Parisian studio to Happening earlier this week.


Avenir Art, A virtual gallery across all major billboards in London



Photo courtesy: Benjamin André


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