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One Artist, One Studio | Sarah Trouche, the anthropology of the body

Born in 1983, Sarah Trouche lives and works in Paris. A graduate of Paris’ National School of Fine Arts, Trouche worked in the studios of fellow artists Jean-Marc Bustamante, Jacky Chriqui and Guillaume Paris before attending the Art Center College of Los Angeles, where she studied with Mike Kelley. Trouche returned to Paris in 2008, where she established an artist collective with architect Benjamin Herr. H A P P E N I N G met with the artist in her Montmartre studio.

All of Sarah Trouche’s projects begin in her Parisian atelier. Her own body, in its relationship with the Other, and its traumas, is the central aspect of her practice: it is, at the same time, witness to social issues, (Action for Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia, 2012) political questions (Action for Cisjordania, Israel, 2010) as well as ecological and humanitarian concerns. (Aral Revival, Kazakhstan, 2013 and Action for Great Wall en Chine, 2011, respectively) The nakedness of the body is voluntary; clothes are associated with social status. Instead, Trouche’s body is truly “a blank page for both narration and protest.”



However, the naked body is only half of the creative process. The performance is always initiated by an individual who casts a critical eye on society, and is therefore conditioned by society itself. This person, in turn, assists the artist in choosing the color that will animate the performance, which allows the artist to distance herself from the intimacy and the erotism of the body. The performance is activated through objects found in the space where it takes place, establishing thus unique connections to both the site and the performance itself; they can be cloths, flags, street lights or fire…





From September 28 through October 1, the work of Sarah Trouche can be discovered at the first edition of WAK, Bordeaux’s week-end of contemporary art.


Sarah Trouche’s website.

Photos: ©Clotilde Scordia


Aral Revival. Courtesy Sarah Trouche


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