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One artist, One studio | Kasper de Vos and snacking culture

Kasper de Vos is a young artist from Antwerp, currently in residence at the prestigious Hoger Instituut Voor Schone Kunsten (HISK) in Gent, whose doors are open to the public this May.

Kasper is a joyful artist, and his practice makes him happy. During a studio visit in January 2017, his ability to engage and communicate quickly became clear; he discussed with equal enthusiasm all aspects of his work: from sculpture and drawings to collages and installations.

In his own way, de Vos is proud of his Belgian heritage, which he often alludes to through popular culture references, in particular culinary references — fast foods and the so-called snacking culture are very present in his work.

After all, eating is sharing.



De Vos’ studio is almost like a theatre, where he works odd hours and whose scenography he constantly changes. Often, there reigns total chaos, and very contemporary contradictions play out, encompassing anything between food and art, truth and lies, overproduction and waste.

For De Vos, his studio is an ever-changing laboratory, a place where he can re-contextualize found objects, giving them a new life, a new language, a new fate, a new Karma — never failing to share them on his blog.

Last year, de Vos’ work was featured at Rodolphe Janssen gallery as part of a group show celebrating emerging Belgian talent. From May 25, he will present a series of busts at Vienna’s Kunsthalle as part of the show “How to live together”.

A must follow.

 All photos courtesy of Kasper De Vos 
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