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Four exhibitions to catch in São Paulo this month

This week São Paulo welcomes the 12th edition of SP-Arte. Running from April 6 through 9, the fair will see more than 120 international galleries descend on the city that has become the centre of Latin America’s art scene over the last decade. Mega-gallery White Cube might have packed up their Brazilian outpost in 2015, but local galleries seem to be going from strength to strength. Here is our pick of some of the exhibitions that will be running concurrently to the fair.

“Eu armario de mim” Letícia Parente, March 25 — May 20 Galeria Jaqueline Martins

Armário de mim meaning closet of myself is an artistic investigation into means of being outside of oneself. Parente’s work incorporates methods of self-observation presented as sketches, drawings on xeroxed paper, collages and videos that come together to form a comprehensive survey on self experience. Parente, born in 1930, was, before her death in 1991, one of Brazil’s most pioneering artists in the field of video art. She was also a professor in chemistry, publishing several books on the subject. “Behind each artwork there is a holistic patience,” writes Laura Erber, writer and professor. “A precision, though never snobbish, a way to make life show its disarray and unsettle out of its measures, and to make the most familiar spaces into the ones that are hardest to access,”


Letícia Parente – Eu armário de mim — Galeria Jacqueline Martins



“Temporary Monuments” Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, April 1 — August 13 Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo

Born in Moscow, Russia in 1976, artist Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich lives between Moscow, London and São Paulo. With a keen sensitivity to social inequality, his work, here mostly expressed in the form of performance, focuses on a critical observation of Brazilian society from his position as an estranged outsider. Seven performances, conceived between 2014 and 2017, trace the theme of slavery and power relations established through violence. This is Pavlov-Andreevich’s largest solo-show to date, arriving in São Paulo following its presentation at the Winzavod Contemporary Art Center in Moscow.  


Monumento Temporário 6, Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, Photo: Rane Souza


“A Matéria da Cor” April 3 — May 27 Galeria Raquel Arnaud

Curated by Franck Marlot, A Matéria da Cor (The Matter of Color), is a group show featuring the work of Josef Albers, Yves Klein and Sonia Delaunay alongside artists from the gallery’s roster including Arthur Luiz Piza, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Carlos Nunes, Carlos Fajardo, Waltercio Caldas, Wolfram Ullrich, Herbert Hamak, Raul Diaz Reyes, Renato Bezerra de Mello and Vincent Beaurin. The exhibition focuses on color and how color can become an artistic project in itself. From Yves Klein’s iconic 1957 La Terre Bleue to Carlos Nunes who has painted an entire wall of the gallery with egg yolk, Marlot’s exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of artistic movements and their relationship to color.


Galeria Raquel Arnaud, Wolfram Ullrich, FASSA, 2013


“Zip’up” Felipe Seixas, March 7 — April 8 Zipper Galeria

Born in 1989 Felipe Seixas creates sculptural pieces using various materials abstracted from their habitual function. His current exhibition at Zipper Gallery opposes concrete blocks and various forms of technology, representing the fragility of these technological objects each of which will eventually become obsolete. Curated by Nathalia Lavigne (born in 1982) the exhibition investigates questions of materiality and immateriality, form and non-form.


Felipe Seixas,Transição, 2017.  Zipper Galeria

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