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In Maastricht, changes are made thanks to YIA

Is 2017 the year of change for TEFAF? The most significant element undoubtedly would be the departure of Clare McAndrew, who since 2008 has authored the famous report published each year at TEFAF. Clare McAndrew has been replaced by Rachel A.J. Pownall. As for the rest, little changes.

On the part of the 48 modern and contemporary galleries present this year, a few in particular caught our attention. The stand of the la galerie Applicat-Prazan (Paris), features a sumptuous canvas by Zoran Music (Double Portrait and Self-Portrait, dated 1990), a depiction alongside his wife, herself an artist, Ida Barbarigo. The gallery was commissioned by the MoMA to sell two works of which it is specialist, Jean Dubuffet and Georges Mathieu.

At La Béraudière, the Tigerbird (1952) by Karel Appel caused a sensation. Simon Dickinson brought a watercolor by Paul Cézanne (Montagne Sainte-Victoire, circa 1890) with the provenance given by it history (Ambroise Vollard, Leo & Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein, Paul Rosenberg ...)

In the more “contemporary”, Karsten Greve exhibited Louise Bourgeois’ Pregnant Woman II (1947-1949), Piero Manzoni’s Achrome (1961-1962) and a little Pierrette Bloch, currently being honoured at the Paris gallery, having already found a taker.



Louise Bourgeois, Pregnant Woman II (1947-1949) | Piero Manzoni, Achrome (1961-1962)

Courtesy Galerie Karsten Greve Cologne, Paris, St Moritz



The Cardi Gallery paid tribute to Jannis Kounellis, recently deceased, with Mensola (1980); a hypnotic water basin of Roni Horn (Untitled, 2013) was visible at Kukje Gallery / Tina Kim Gallery.

Although the quality of the works on display was high, the scarcity of modern works renewed was notable (a problem contemporary art does not yet know). Several of the modern art galleries on display brought works recycled from previous years at Tefaf, and other fairs in the region. This proves once again that, apart from rare and exceptional works, the merchandise offered stays on the market for a long time. The market is becoming scarce, with non-speculative collectors buying and guarding their goods. The numerous merchants (non-exhibitors) crossing the aisles confirm this impression.


Thank you YIA


The first Maastrichtian edition of the young dynamic YIA fair took place in a former barracks and gathered 28 galleries - including those faithful to the fair, led by Romain Tichit.

La galerie Mélanie Rio presented the work of Thomas Tudoux, winner of the 4th edition of the YIA Award.

Samuel Yal was once again honored at Ariane C-Y (Paris). His porcelain work, such as d’Incubi d’oro, is always quite remarkable. The artist will also be present at the exhibition "Or virtuose à la cour de France: Pierre Gouthière, 1732-1813", at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

At LKFF, one could admire Les Deux Garçons and the amusing compositions of stuffed animals and objects in the surrealist vein.

La galerie Felix Frachon (Bruxelles) presented three artists whose work illuminated the stand: the sculptures-totems and series of drawings by Shine Shivan, the delicate works on paper by Apnavi Thacker and a xylography by Prathap Modi.

Atelier Relief made the link between artists and craftsmen, in an effort to hatch a "relief". Photographs and other supports (acrylic and aluminum) were cut and arranged in rhythmic movements and evolutions.


Atelier Relief booth at YIA. Courtesy Atelier Relief 


JFK Gallery simulated an interaction between the porcelain animal skull sculptures of James Webster and a large wall hanging by the KRJST Studio collective.


JFK Gallery booth. Courtesy JFK Gallery. 


The next installment will be YIA at Bruxelles from April 20 - 23.


Samuel Yal, Incubi d'oro. Courtesy Galerie Ariane C-Y



Until March 19


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