Artists 13-01-2017

One artist, one studio: Shay Zilberman

Artist Shay Zilberman has been collecting books for many years; his works, mostly collages, are made from bits and pieces cut up from his vast collection.

Paper — central to Zilberman’s practice — evokes a whole spectrum of styles, techniques and artistic processes, as well as a certain nostalgia. The artist plays with his material in order to create imagined universes, both intimate and collective: landscapes, herbariums, worlds of science-fiction and surrealistic panoramas, working both in small format and with paper collages transformed into huge paintings, covering whole rooms of museums.

Shay studied fashion in Anvers before attending the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He works and lives in Tel Aviv, where he has turned one of the rooms in his apartment  into a studio. His works have been shown in some of Israel’s most important private and public collections.


Untitled (Ein Karim), 2016 Paper Collage and Ink on Paper 11×16 cm


Photo Courtesy Shay Ben Efrim.


Untitled, 2015, Paper collage ink and graphite on paper, 21.5×14.5 cm


Photo Courtesy Shay Ben Efrim.


Untitled, 2013
Paper collage ink and graphite on paper, 34.5×49.5cm



Shay Zilberman is showing at Jerusalem Artists' House until February 11,  « The Return of Paper / Reflections On Drawing - Traces VI » an exhibition curated by Edna Moshenson and Sally Haftel Naveh.


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