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February 20 | “He Will Not Divide Us” moves to New Mexico

After having attracted alt-right saboteurs, and having cost him an arrest before being shut down, Shia LaBeouf’s performance ““He Will Not Divide Us” has now found a new home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Elsewhere, the art world runs more or less smoothly, with new appointments on the one hand, and business as usual for Sotheby’s on the other.

LaBeouf’s performance piece

Following a brief hiatus after New York’s Museum of the Moving Image shut the project down, Shia LaBeouf's anti-Trump performance exhibit “He Will Not Divide Us” is coming to the El Rey Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In New York, as well as attracting protestors the performance brought neo-Nazis and trolls as well to the site, leading to altercations including one incident involving LaBeouf himself, for which he was arrested. The move to Albuquerque was announced on the artist’s website on February 18, at the very end of a long statement hurling criticism at the Museum of the Moving Image institution for their “abandoning” of the performance. The Evening Standard has more information.


Jackie Kurati wins Tomorrows/Today

Cape Town Art Fair has announced that Kenyan-born artists Jackie Kurati is the winner of the fair’s 2017 Tomorrows/Today section.

Kurati, who is represented by Circle Art Gallery, produces works which explores the idea of escaping to other worlds or universes, whether real or imagined. Her works on display in the Tomorrows/Today section, which comprised two videos and a series of drawings, depict a wandering man trying to find his way home. Watch an interview with Circle Art Gallery director Danda Jaroljmek here.

A drawing by Jackie Kurati from the Tomorrows/Today section of Cape Town Art Fair 2017




Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac has announced that Florian Kromus has joined the gallery as Managing Director Paris.

Kromus will be in charge of running the gallery’s Paris space, and well as liaising with curators and collectors. Previously, Kromus managed the Kromus + Zink gallery in Berlin.


Marcato halves Sotheby’s shares

The activist hedge fund Marcato Capital Management has halved its stake in Sotheby’s shares.

Marcato now owns 2.6m shares of Sotheby’s holdings, bringing its stake under 5%. Though the value is still a significant $100 million, it is nowhere near what the firm once held, which in November 2015 stood at around $200 million. Art Market Monitor has further details.

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