Institutions Galleries 02-03-2017

March 2 | Boston’s ICA to open a new seasonal space

Boston’s ICA is opening a new space intended for the warmer months, which is slated to open in Summer 2018. In other news, Sotheby's London sales see success and museum selfies prove

Online Sales Auction Houses 01-03-2017

March 1 | It's all over for Auctionata

Launched in 2012, online auction house Auctionata has ceased its activities. Elsewhere, Thomas P. Campbell’s resignation from the MET comes as a bolt from the

Artists Auction Houses 28-02-2017

February 28 | Esther Schipper thinks bigger in Berlin, moves to the heart of the city’s gallery district

Several international galleries get things moving this week, with new representations and new spaces being opened. In other news, Sotheby’s and China continue to dominate the art

Galleries Artists 27-02-2017

February 27 | Alison Jacques Gallery now represents Juergen Teller

There have been a lot of changes for galleries today, with Alison Jacques and Marc Straus adding new artists to their roster, and Lisson Gallery opening another space in New York.

Galleries Fairs 24-02-2017

February 24 | Marlborough London and New York become one

Where do we begin? Marlborough Chelsea (New York) and Marlborough Contemporary (London) are now going to be collectively known as Marlborough Contemporary, Art Basel Hong Kong has revealed an exciting film program for 2017, whilst US senators defend the nation’s arts funding, threatened by the Trump

Institutions Galleries 23-02-2017

February 23 | Prado appoints Miguel Falomir as director

As expected, the Prado directorship is handed from one Miguel to another. In more surprising news, Nara Roesler has decided to relocate her spaces in North and South America.

Fairs Galleries 22-02-2017

February 22 | Times are hard for arts funding

Huge government cuts are devastating Bath’s art funding in the UK, and, across the pond, Trump plans to axe the entire arts budget.

Institutions Artists 21-02-2017

February 21 | Royal Academy of Arts announces partnership with 60 London galleries

In the wake of Brexit, the art world gets organized and hopes for a renewed dynamism. In other news, Istanbul’s art space Alt is now looking for a new

People Artists 20-02-2017

February 20 | “He Will Not Divide Us” moves to New Mexico

After having attracted alt-right saboteurs, and having cost him an arrest before being shut down, Shia LaBeouf’s performance ““He Will Not Divide Us” has now found a new home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Elsewhere, the art world runs more or less smoothly, with new appointments on the one hand, and business as usual for Sotheby’s on the

Artists Galleries 17-02-2017

February 17 | Arte Povera master Jannis Kounellis has passed away

Today, the art world celebrates the life and work of Jannis Kounellis, who passed away yesterday. In other news, the Essl Collection has at last found a new home and Paul Kasmin takes his first steps in the digital

Institutions People 16-02-2017

February 16 | Nancy Spector to return to the Guggenheim

In today’s news, renowned curator Nancy Spector returns home to New York’s Guggenheim after a year-long hiatus, whilst US museums continue to take stands against Donald

Artists Online Sales 15-02-2017

February 15 | Who are the newcomers at Art Basel 2017?

Art Basel has revealed its long awaited exhibitors list! Elsewhere in art world today there are some surprises: the Chapman brothers leave their longtime London gallery, and Donald Trump appoints an art historian to the National Security Council.

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