Artists Auction Houses 18-10-2017

October 18 | Doug Aitken takes home the Frontier Art Prize

After receiving the International Prize at the “Venice Biennial” in 1999 and the Nam June Paik Art Center Prize in 2012, the American artist takes home yet another prize. In other news, Cape Town Art Fair will feature a section dedicated to female artists, whilst a new record might soon be set for Fernand Léger at

Institutions People 17-10-2017

October 17 | A Lebanese artist duo takes home the Prix Marcel Duchamp

One of France’s most prestigious prizes was awarded to an artist duo from Lebanon during an event held at Paris’ Centre Pompidou. In other news, Milan has a brand new arts space, whilst Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum will soon have to start looking for a new

Awards Artists 16-10-2017

October 16 | Yasmina Benabderrahmane wins a prestigious prize

Ahead of the opening of the FIAC, French artists are in the spotlight and artist Yasmina Benabderrahmane takes home an important prize. In other news, controversial artist Petr Pavlensky is playing with

Artists Awards 13-10-2017

October 13 | Kader Attia receives the Joan Miró Prize

Kader Attia, the laureate of the 2006 Prix Marcel Duchamp, was awarded another prestigious prize. Elsewhere, Chinese billionaire Adrian Cheng launches a new initiative to support brands and services targeting millennials.

Artists Awards 12-10-2017

October 12 | Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Trevor Paglen and Dawoud Bey receive the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship 2017

Three artists are among the recipients of the 2017 MacArthur “Genius” Fellowships — one of the world’s most prestigious awards. In other news, Los Angeles’ gentrification continues to cause a stir among the local community, whereas the New Museum has chosen the architecture firm that will be in charge of its $85 million

Institutions Artists 11-10-2017

October 11 | New artist representations for US galleries

New artists join galleries Cherry and Martin (Los Angeles) and Luhring Augustine (New York). In other news, Leonardo da Vinci’s last known work is coming back to the market after the Bouvier-Rybolovlev

Artists Biennials & Triennials 10-10-2017

October 10 | The International Center of Photography is moving… again

In an unexpected move, an important New York institution announces it is changing home. In Munster, locals have come together to acquire a work shown as part of the Sculpture Project, which had been defaced with nazi

Auction Houses Artists 09-10-2017

October 9 | The Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art has found a new buyer

A year after its founder put it on the market, The Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art sold to a Shanghai-based private equity group. In other news, London auction sales have wrapped up this week-end with good results, whereas Sandy Brown gallery is now representing a new

Artists Institutions 06-10-2017

October 6 | Some artists fare better than others

As time goes by, artists begin to think about their posterity; for some, plans go smoothly ahead, whereas other have to abandon ambitious projects. In other news, Sotheby’s contemporary art sale realized £50 million, whereas Nissan has awarded its biennial art

Fairs Galleries 05-10-2017

October 5 | Luisa Strina gallery was awarded the 2017 Frieze Art Fair Stand Prize

Frieze has officially kicked off and London is the focus of today’s news. At the fair, galleries and artists are awarded important prizes, whereas at Christie’s, a new record was set for Robert

Biennials & Triennials People 04-10-2017

October 4 | The first Biennial of Riga looks to the future

If biennials often look to the past and its utopies, the first edition of the Riga Biennial will explore the present and the near future. In other news, New York’s new Institute of Arab and Islamic Art announces several appointments, whereas gallery Isabella Bortolozzi is now representing an important artist estate.

Institutions Galleries 03-10-2017

October 3 | The Liverpool Biennial turns 20

This year, the Liverpool Biennial invites artists and audiences to reflect on a world of social, political and economic turmoil. In other news, Athena Art Finance will continue to support emerging galleries at the Armory Show, whilst a new firm offering estate planning consulting services was launched.

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