Biennials & Triennials Artists 02-11-2016

November 2 | Switzerland and South Africa announce representing artists for 57th edition of Venice Biennale

London’s Tyburn Gallery has announced today that Mohau Modisakeng, one of its artists, will team up with Berlin-based artist Candice Breitz to represent South Africa at the 57th edition of the Venice

Artists Art Business 31-10-2016

October 31 | Sotheby’s acquires Mei Moses Art indices, launches its first art market index

Sotheby’s announced today that it has purchased the Mei Moses Art Indices, an art market analytics tool that appraises the strength of the art market against other asset

Artists Galleries 28-10-2016

October 28 | Lawrence Abu Hamdan wins 2016 Nam June Paik Award

The Museum Folkwang in Essen has named Lawrence Abu Hamdan the winner of the 2016 Nam June Paik

Artists Mediums 27-10-2016

October 27 | The unorthodox Anne Imhof to represent Germany for Venice Biennale 2017

The ifa institute, which has coordinated Germany’s pavilion at the Venice Biennale since 1971, announced today that Anne Imhof will represent her country at the 2017 edition of the

Artists Auction Houses 26-10-2016

October 26 | Derrick Adams awarded the 2016 Joyce Alexander Wein Prize, supporting African-American artists

The New York-based artist Derrick Adams has been awarded the 2016 Joyce Alexander Wein Prize, which includes $50,000 in

People Galleries 25-10-2016

October 25 | Emmanuel Perrotin extends to Tokyo

Parisian art dealer Emmanuel Perrotin has announced he is launching a gallery in Tokyo next spring, adding to his existing array of international galleries in Paris, New York, Seoul and Hong

Artists Galleries 24-10-2016

October 24 | Syrian painter Marwan passes away aged 82

Syrian artist Marwan Kassab-Bachi (1934-2016), known simply as Marwan, has passed away aged

Fairs Auction Houses 21-10-2016

October 21 | FIAC: Strong (and reassuring) sales lead the 43rd edition

Despite a drop in attendance, with American collectors steering away from the fair, the 43d edition of FIAC has delivered solid sales so

Institutions Artists 20-10-2016

October 20 | Two women to lead Poland's pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale

Filmmaker and photographer Sharon Lockhart has been chosen to represent Poland at the 2017 Venice Biennale with her project titled Maly Przeglad (Little Review), curated by Barbara

Artists Institutions 19-10-2016

October 19 | Pecci Center for Contemporary Art opens sleek new extension

The Pecci Center for Contemporary Art in Prato has reopened its doors to the public to unveil a €14.5 million extension designed by Dutch architect Maurice Nio, making it the only contemporary art institution in Italy to inaugurate a new building in the whole of the 2010-2020

Artists Biennials & Triennials 18-10-2016

October 18 | Jordi Colomer to represent Spain at Venice Biennale 2017

The Catalonian artist Jordi Colomer, known primarily for his video series, has been selected alongside the curator Manuel Segade to represent Spain at the 57th Venice Biennale in

Artists People 17-10-2016

October 17 | Tania Bruguera for president?

In a video released last Friday at the Creative Time Summit in Washington — a conference that looks at how art affects social change — artist Tania Bruguera announced she would run in the 2018 Cuban presidential race “to change the culture of fear” currently oppressing the

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