Galleries Artists 16-01-2018

January 16 | Galerie Cécile Fakhoury announces representation of artist Ouattara Watts

One of Africa’s leading galleries has announced that it is now representing one of the continent’s most talented artists. In other news, NADA awards two galleries and London’s auction season has officially started.

Fairs 15-01-2018

January 15 | The Armory Show’s Focus section to center around art, technology and the body

Ahead of its upcoming edition, the Armory Show has announced that it will feature a section focusing on the relationship between contemporary art and technology. Elsewhere, yet another sexual scandal shocks the art world, whilst the ARCO Foundation gives out its annual “A” Awards for

Institutions Fairs 12-01-2018

January 12 | Rhizome receives $1 million to fund its new web preservation tool

Having received an important donation, Rhizome will be able to work on its new project, a tool for the preservation of digital art. Elsewhere, another London gallery closes its doors, whereas Art Cologne reveals its 2018

Institutions Fairs 11-01-2018

January 11 | Condo expands to São Paulo with a new model

As the art world adjusts to new models of producing and promoting art, Condo announces a brand new installment, this time in São Paulo. In other news, six international museums will benefit from a major collection of Latin American

Artists Institutions 10-01-2018

January 10 | Saâdane Afif joins Parisian gallery mor charpentier

In today’s news, a Parisian gallery announces a new artist representation, artist Linda Sanchez is awarded an important prize and the Delfina Foundation is

Galleries Artists 09-01-2018

January 9 | A new space in New York and a new artist estate for David Zwirner

In today’s news: David Zwirner Gallery is not about to slow down, whilst an important Texas art center is closing its

Fairs 08-01-2018

January 8 | Stockholm’s Magasin III Museum to open a Tel Aviv outpost

In today’s art-world news, business as usual: more fairs, new exhibition spaces and yet more polemics.

Institutions Artists 05-01-2018

January 5 | Andy Warhol’s Orange Marilyn might have sold for €250 million

Following a rumoured private sale to American investor Kenneth Griffin, a new sales record might have been set for artist Andy Warhol. Elsewhere, Damien Hirst teases the art world — yet

Artists 04-01-2018

January 4 | Artist Betty Woodman has passed away

An icon of contemporary art has passed away. In other news, the Weinstein effect hits the art world… yet

Galleries 03-01-2018

January 3 | Tomoo Gokita joins Blum & Poe

US galleries continue to snatch representation of important artists, whereas Norway awards its most important art

People Biennials & Triennials 02-01-2018

January 2 | The Fine Art Group to target $1 billion lending in Asia

The year opens with Europe increasingly looking to the Asian market, polemics in Paris and a restructured Lahore

Auction Houses Artists 22-12-2017

December 22 | Sotheby’s annual sales total up 13.1% from last year

As 2017 draws to a close, Sotheby’s announces excellent results for the year. Elsewhere, a new Richard Avedon biography sparks

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