Artists Biennials & Triennials 23-05-2017

May 23 | ‘Stable and strong my arse’

Posters cropping up around London last week caused quite a stir. With a simple but resonate statement, British artist Jeremy Deller called PM Theresa May out on her election slogan — “strong and stable leadership” — for the upcoming elections, in light of a number of political U-turns regarding economic reforms. The affordable posters, at £30 each, have been praised widely for hitting the nail on the head.

Institutions 22-05-2017

May 22 | The Frick Collection at the forefront of digitization

With summer fast approaching, the announcements are flooding in. The Frick Collection reveals the details of its project to digitize a vast number of works, whilst in Germany, Chris Dercon, after his controversial appointment, announces the details of his first programming at the Volksbühne theater in

Artists Auction Houses 19-05-2017

May 19 | Basquiat becomes the most expensive US artist with $110.5 record at Sotheby’s

At Sotheby’s, a 1982 work by Basquiat smashes all records. Elsewhere, the Contour Biennale chooses its next curator, whilst 26 artists are announced as the finalists of the John Ruskin

Galleries Artists 18-05-2017

May 18 | Lisbon, a new safe-haven for gallerists?

With it’s scandalously cheap rent prices, the recent influx of international youth and a growing tourism sector, will Lisbon rise up as a new art capital for Europe? It’s a possibility that New York’s Monitor gallery is taking advantage of quick. Their relocation marks the gallery’s transition from temporary to permanent space. This is significant. With the recent cascade of gallery closures in major art capitals, will Lisbon be able to attract more of those galleries left

Institutions Auction Houses 17-05-2017

May 17 | Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art Sale ruffles some feathers

Despite the faulty start, the sale was said to have experienced a “confident room.” Where the Impressionist works failed to excite, Modern sculptures saw a brisk bidding. In other news... with the upcoming 2022 Doha World Cup, it seems Qatar’s art scene is picking up the pace, and embarking on a huge project—Art Mill.

Artists Auction Houses 16-05-2017

May 16 | At Christie’s, a Brancusi bronze fetches a record-breaking $57.4 million

With the buzz of the Venice Biennale behind us, the art market returns to its everyday business. Christie’s inaugurates a week of Spring auctions with record-breaking sales, whilst one of Austria’s leading feminist artists receives a deserved prize.

Artists Biennials & Triennials 15-05-2017

May 15 | Anne Imhof steals the show, and the prize at the 57th Venice Biennale

German artist Anne Imhof holds the attention of the contemporary art world, winning on Saturday the Golden Lion for the German Pavilion at the Venice

Institutions People 11-05-2017

May 11 | National Gallery of Canada receives a $12 million bequest

This week new artist-gallery collaborations are established, while others come to an end.

Galleries 09-05-2017

May 9 | New York mayor to dedicate city’s arts budget to smaller municipal institutions

One New York gallery merger is announced as the city reassesses financing for its public institutions. Municipal funding might be being spread thinner, but one international auction house is launching a prize supporting museum exhibitions.

Mediums Awards 05-05-2017

May 5 | Richard Mosse takes home the 2017 prix Pictet

Photographer Richard Mosse is awarded one of the leading international prizes for photography and the Swiss Foundation Beyeler announces the details of an ambitious extension. In New York, the Whitney Museum is the stage of important protests.

Biennials & Triennials People 04-05-2017

May 4 | Dynamic jury in place for upcoming Venice Biennale

With just nine days to go, the Venice Biennale has finally revealed its judging panel. The biennale looks set to impress on May 13 when it opens with prolific performance artist and radical feminist, Carolee Schneemann receiving the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement Award. In other news, sadly the East German Neo-Expressionist artist, A.R. Penck has died, aged 77.

Institutions Awards 03-05-2017

May 3 | 2017 Turner Prize nominees

As the Turner Prize enters into its thirties, this year’s nominees surpass theirs. In other news, Auctionata have supposedly sold off its assets to Berlin’s Historia Auction House, whilst Francesco Manacorda, former artistic director of Tate Liverpool, joins Moscow’s V-A-C

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